Iris Usage

Getting Iris

Running Iris

  • Once you have downloaded Iris the quickest way to run it without additional configuration is with the command iris -insecure -nostela. This will run Iris on the default port 32000 with an ssl cert or with the location of the Stela instance.
  • If you remove the -nostela flag Iris will look for Stela on its default address If this is not the correct Stela address you can use the -stela flag to specify it. By using Stela you can launch multiple instances of Iris and they will use raft consensus to add fault tolerance to your key value store.
  • The -raftdir flag specifies the location of the key value store db. By default its a folder called raftDir but you can specify it to be whatever you like. This will persist between runs.
  • The -join flag will specify the address of the raft leader and not rely on Stela to find it.